List of Manufacturers of Geophysical Instruments

list of manufacturers of geophysical instruments
image 3D-Radar, Norway 3D-Radar has pioneered next generation 3D Ground Penetrating Radar (3D GPR) using step frequency radar technology and innovative multi channel antenna design. 3d-Radar manufactures a wide range of antenna arrays suitable for different applications and operational requirements.

Ditch Witch, USA Subsite Electronics offers a wide range of RST pipeline inspection technologies including CCTV, sonar profiling, 3-D, and point cloud data capture. Our CCTV equipment is built around single conductor technology, which accommodates all power feed and command functions in a single steel-wrapped cable to make our equipment less bulky, easier to control, and far more durable than typical multi-conductor technology. The Subsite 2450GR ground penetrating radar system is an invaluable utility locating device designed to help subsurface utility engineers and other contractors locate any type of utility, both metallic and non-metallic, beneath soil, rock, pavement and other surfaces. The 2450GR's advanced locating capability makes it ideal for a wide range of other applications, including detection of voids, sinkholes, concrete and underground storage tanks.

Geological Prospecting CO., Ltd, Russia TR-GEO georadars are developed and applied by Geological Prospecting Co., Ltd for nearly a decade. A lot of experience in practical application of TR-GEO georadars on construction sites of city of Moscow was gained. TR-GEO-01 georadar is mid-frequency video pulse georadar designed for sounding of various objects in grounds with low and moderate attenuation of radio waves. This georadar is suited for application in rocky mass, wet sandy grounds and clay loams with low moisture content. It is applied in tunnels for ground monitoring ahead of tunneling machine. This georadar can be also used when constructing buildings and highways as well as in trenchless technologies.

Geophysical Survey Systems Inc., GSSI, USA Manufacturer of ground-penetrating radar recording systems, radar antennas deployed from the ground surface, processing software, and other GPR accessories GSSI is a world leader in GPR an internationally respected corporation known for high technological advancements in the geophysical, archaeological, forensics, infrastructure, public works and transportation industries. StructureScan Pro is a versatile concrete inspection system offering a wide variety of antenna options for concrete and other applications. Based on the SIR-4000 controller, the StructureScan Pro provides the GPR professional with solutions to any scanning situation. The UtilityScan features a wireless and lightweight configuration, our patented HyperStacking technology for unparalleled data quality, and integrated LineTrac system. This state-of-the-art system sets the new standard in performance and price.

Geoscanners AB, Sweden Geoscanners AB is a world-leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of lightweight, reliable and easy to use ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems and software. By focusing on the end-user, Geoscanners have become internationally known for product scalability, user-friendly and intuitive GPR software, dependable and technically advanced products, quick support and tailored survey solutions.

Geotech, Russia From the day of its foundation in 2003, GEOTECH Company has been constantly increasing its activity both in engineering geophysical surveys and promotion of advanced geophysical equipment. Being a widely recognized Russian leader, in our work we hold the strategy based on the concept of hi-tech development and best Russian tradition of engineering geology and geophysics. round Penetrating Radar OKO-3 is a portable, lightweight and inexpensive system designed for non-destructive environmental monitoring. The system includes a control unit or a control processing unit and antennas with frequencies from 50 to 2500 MHz. All of these antennas are interchangeable, compatible with the control unit or control processing unit, with a variety of different applications.

IDS GeoRadar, , Italy part of HEXAGON GEOSYSTEMS, is a leading provider of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Interferometric Radar solutions worldwide. The company is committed to delivering best-in-class performance solutions and to the pursuit of product excellence, through the creation of application-specific, innovative and cost efficient systems for a wide range of applications including mining, utility, civil engineering, geology and civil protection.

K-S Analysis, Germany About 10 years ago B. Kost was engaged in the development of ground based radar technology. During the initial stage we always tested our developments in nature at which we put emphasis on the operational reliability rather than on design of the equipment. Ground Penetrating Radar KS-700 The device has 1 antenna which is firmly connected with the apparatus and connected to the electronic components. For this radar it is not necessary to change the antenna in order to explore higher depths, because it is based on other physical principles than, for example, the pulse radar. But it is possible to optimize the device for other searching tasks by adjusting the software. The antenna is also shielded to all directions and therefore it only permeates (penetrates) into the ground. The depth is calculated with a formula from radar techniques by the software. Our radar can be completely operated by one person only.

MAE srl - Italy has been established in 1982 and manufactures precision electronics instruments for geophysics surveys. One of the peculiar features of MAE is represented by its “made-to-measure systems” design and production, studied in accordance with the specific customer requirements and using the most advanced technologies currently available.

Malå Geoscience AB, Sweden Non-Intrusive Inspection Technology Inc., NIITEK, USA

PASI GEOPHYSICS - ITALY Measuring instruments, geophysical instruments. Instruments and software for earth sciences Since 1956, PASI offers a full range of instruments and software for Geophysics, Geology, Environmental and Geotechnical Monitoring, Non-Destructive Testing and Structural Controls. PASI’s experience and expertise are the result of the on-going development of the company, which has origins far back in time and space: the first PASI instruments originated in India in the 1940s, in the great laboratory at the Geophysical Survey in Calcutta, where Applied Geophysics took its first steps thanks to the talent of an Italian, a true pioneer of modern electronics. Penetradar Inc., USA

PipeHawk Plc, U.K. QingDao

GuoKe Ocean Environment And Technology Ltd., China

Radar Systems Inc., Latvia Representative Radar Systems, Inc. was established in 1989 on the basis of Aviation Subsurface Radiolocation Problem Laboratory (ASRPL), Riga Aviation University (RAU), to become ASRPL's legal successor in research and development for subsurface sounding techniques, hardware and software used to solve tasks of nondestructive environmental monitoring, engineering geological surveys, thickness measurements of sea and fresh water ice, etc. Python-3 georadar is a portable digital subsurface sounding radar carried by a single operator, especially used for deep surveys (up to 50 meters* in favorable ground). The unit is designed for solving a long-range of geotechnical, geological, engineering and other tasks wherever nondestructive operational environmental monitoring is needed. In the sounding process, the operator is getting real-time information as a radiolocation profile (sometimes also referred to as radargram) on a display.

Radarteam Sweden AB, Sweden Manufacturer of specialized GPR antennas including directional borehole antennas, and related antenna deployment equipment

Radiodetection Ltd D1500™ Ground Penetrating Radar is Radiodetection's flagship GPR for utility locating. The RD1500 provides all the great features of the RD1100 and also offers Depth Slices as well as Line Views. These allow the user to review slices of the subsurface at different depths, displaying cables, pipes and other utilities in unprecedented clarity. The RD1500 is designed to find buried pipes and cables. Features include internal GPS, on-board Wi-Fi, a high resolution touch screen as well as the proprietary FrequenSee™ technology which selectively enhances small/shallow, medium size/depth, or large/deep targets, or even all at once, for easier viewing and detection. Mini reports can be generated and delivered directly from the survey site by connecting to a Wi-Fi network or by using a cell phone as a hotspot. Data can also be exported to a USB memory stick. Options for the RD1500 include: an external GPS, for higher positional accuracy the Enhancement package, which enables the user to slice through the exported depth data, export data to other formats and more, andfor even more analysis, the Utility Suite software option offers features such as processing and displaying grid data in alternative ways, and the ability to output data to 3D visualization software such as Voxler®

Radiolocation Ltd., Hong Kong

Sensors and Software Inc., Canada Sensors & Software delivers subsurface imaging solutions to customers worldwide. Understanding what lies beneath the surface of materials like soil, rock, rubble, pavement, concrete, water, ice and snow opens endless possibilities. Our Ground Penetrating Radar products range from the ultimate in configurable to application focused GPR solutions. Designed to meet the needs of GPR professionals, addressing a wide range of GPR applications worldwide. Conquest 100 GPR is a light, portable device that provide a fast, non-invasive method to gain accurate insights of objects below the surface, even on a curved surface or column. Conquest 100 reduces risk by detecting rebar, post-tension cables, metallic and non-metallic conduits as well as current-carrying wires embedded in concrete. Noggin is available in four center frequencies and four standard configurations. Noggin systems can collect data in any environment for any application. Noggins span the depths and resolutions required for subsurface investigations. Choose the combination of center frequency and configuration best suited to your application and terrain.


Sub-Surface Imaging Systems Inc., USA US Radar is a leading manufacturer and distributor of ground penetrating radar (GPR), systems. If you need to see what is on the other side of a surface, the high-profile Quantum Imager can safely help you define what you can’t see with the bare eye. GPR technology was first developed by ERA Technology of Leatherhead, Surrey, England, in the 1980s to locate plastic landmines as part of a British Ministry of Defense contract. It helped reduce the risk of locating these dangerous, time-delayed bombs through rubble and in the ground. After performing admirably, commercial versions of the technology were developed in 1990, incorporating improvements that made it more user-friendly to the private sector and accessible to the masses. US Radar was formed in 1994 as the ERA Technology sales and marketing partner for the Americas. It's original mission was to promote the Seeker SPR technology, determine and test new applications, and identify product improvements. All-in-one GPR systems are the most cost effective solution for most end users. The all-in-one systems are also more maneuverable and user-friendly. The various software options make it possible for these units to be as simple as just turn on and go, yet also have various options and capabilities targeted for more advanced users. Introducing the world's first triple frequency GPR. The Quantum Imager excels in nearly all applications, it is especially suited for clay soils, deep utilities, and fine targets that require high resolution imaging. The Quantum Imager is the most versatile utility locating GPR on the market.

Toikka Engineering OY, Finland

Transient Technologies Company, Ukraine Transient Technologies LLC is an innovative privately owned company based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Since 1998 we have been engaged in scientific researches in ground penetrating radars technologies. The utilization of modern approach and the latest techniques are essential for us in the product development. We manufacture VIY®-series GPR and related equipment. The VIY3 series Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR) are radars for underground sounding, designed for locating and analysis of subsurface items and anomalies with the aid of electromagnetic pulse radiation.

Utsi Electronics Ltd., U.K. Utsi Electronics Ltd is an innovative UK based manufacturer and designer of the Groundvue Ground Penetrating Radars (GPRs). Groundvue GPRs are robust. Most of our systems use twin arrayed antennas to reduce noise. They use very broad band frequency spectrum to produce a high signal to noise ratio, resulting in better depth penetration for the same frequency of antenna & good signal clarity. Due to our extensive research collaborations, we can supply the widest range of antenna frequencies – anything from 6GHz down to 15MHz. Our multi-channel Groundvue 3 is the fastest available, having simultaneously triggered antennas without cross channel interference. Data collection speeds in multi-channel mode or when using GPS/Total station are equivalent to 1600scans/sec with all channels operational. Simultaneous triggering also allows automatic depth calibration during survey. Groundvue GPRs comply fully with current European legislation.

Vermeer, USA Get underground metallic and nonmetallic object information quickly with the Interragator line of ground-penetrating radar systems. The Interragator EZ GPR System is designed with the needs of the utility contractor and locating personnel in mind. The Interragator EZ offers the latest advancements in ground penetrating radar electronics with a simple to use operator interface. The system is lightweight and compact and can be quickly set up in a few minutes. GPR data is displayed in real-time during a survey and the reverse cursor allows immediate and accurate utility marking. A depth calibration routine makes system calibration easy.

VNIISMI Khimki, Russia Zaotimer, Russia Ground-Penetrating Radar

Geonics, Ltd., Mississauga , Ontario , Canada . Visit Manufacturer of electromagnetic terrain conductivity meters, transient EM sounding equipment, and borehole induction probes.

Seismographs and Magnetometers GeoMetrics, Inc., Sunnyvale , California . Manufacturer of magnetometers, seismographs, electrical resistivity imaging systems, and other geophysical equipment. Visit Seistronix, Inc., Rancho Cordova , California .

GISCO in Minneapolis, MN, USA State of the Art Seismic Sources , SONARDYNE The geophysical survey techniques used to search for new hydrocarbon reserves is a demanding challenge . Deep marine surveys involve dedicated vessels towing long, wide geophone arrays. Transition Zone (TZ) and Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC) surveys are often conducted in just a few feet of water and Electro Magnetic and Nodal utilise a towed source and multiple seabed receivers deployed on the seabed to acquire seismic data. CHINA is a professional geophone supplier which is located in China with the aim to integrate resources and supply our clients with all around Geophone / Geophysical Products and related services. All the founding partners of EGL have experiences of over 20 years in the field of geophones production / geophysical Service with education background of PhD, Master or Geophysics Undergraduate Degree. We are a professiomnal supplier for Geophysical Equipment, Geological Instrument and realted Cables, Spare Parts, such as geophone sensors, three component geophone, single seismic geophone, geophone string, hydrophone, geophysical connector & plug, seismic cable, telemetry cable, resistivity cable, cable take-outs, etc.

SERCEL Sercel provides a complete product line for seismic acquisition in any environment: 1. Emission of controlled acoustic energy from a seismic source • Compressed air guns (marine) or • Seismic vibrator or explosive source (land) 2. Seismic energy is transmitted to the earth and reflected from the geological boundaries (layers). 3. The reflected energy is detected by geophones (land) or hydrophones (marine). 4. Sercel acquisition systems record and process the data.

Seistronix manufacturers seismographs for all types of seismic applications, from small geophysical surveys to large scale oil and gas exploration. Our instruments are in use everyday around the world helping people in a wide variety of disciplines better image the sub-surface.

R.T. Clark’s Juice Line is currently offering two versions of our 12 Volt Portable Power Pack specifically designed for your Seismograph or Portable instruments: – 12 Volt, 9Ah SLA (sealed lead acid) battery pack – 12 Volt, 20Ah SLA (sealed lead acid) battery pack

DMT With seismographs of the SUMMIT family, DMT offers a modular seismic data acquisition system for a wide range of tasks in seismic exploration (e.g. 2D/3D reflection seismic as well as near surface investigations) as well as for passive micro-seismic monitoring and vibration measurements.. The SUMMIT X One is a distributed seismic system specially designed for high resolution 2D/3D seismic surveys. Its unique data telemetry with the lightweight SUMMIT Line cable with SNAP-On technology enables easy and most flexible field deployment even in rough terrain and with complex field layouts. The modular and scalable system built up ensures high field productivity for both smaller systems with less than 50 channels for near surface investigations as well as for larger field deployments with >1000 channels for 2D/3D seismic reflection surveys.

Geostuff Geostuff has always built essential seismic accessories where the market was too small to be served by larger companies. Now, with the introduction of the AnySeis™, the shallow seismic market has available the equivalent of the distributed system, eliminating those troublesome geophone spread cables, and conincidently, eliminating the need for the rollalong switch that the company was founded on.

Advanced Geosciences Inc. (AGI) . Visit AGI is the leading developer and manufacturers of resistivity/IP/SP imaging systems since 1989. We introduced our Sting/Swift resistivity imaging system at the European Association of Exploration Geophysicists (EAGE) conference in 1994, which introduced the resistivity imaging revolution. Since then, we’ve been producing state-of-the-art products for electrical resistivity and IP imagingElectrical Resistivity Imaging Advanced Geosciences, Inc., Austin , Texas . Manufacturer of multi-electrode D.C. electrical resistivity systems, software, and other geophysical instrumentation.

Parallel Geosciences Corporation, Incline Village , Nevada . Visit Developer of SPW ™ seismic and GPR data processing software. Graphics based processing system used to generate two-dimensional images from seismic reflection and GPR data.

Interpex, Ltd., Golden, Colorado . Visit Developer of seismic and GPR image processing software, and other software systems for interpreting geophysical measurements.

Pulse Echo and Sonic Testing Pile Dynamics, Inc., Cleveland , Ohio . Visit Manufacturer of Pile Integrity Tester and other sonic testing equipment and software.

Institute of Mine Seismology Equitania Farm South Africa