imageEngineering, infrastructure and construction geophysical investigations

Infrastructure (highways and bridges), Railroad Inspection: Map railroad ballast thickness and find leaking pipes to prevent accidents. Bridge Inspection: Quality Control of bridges, mapping of rebar, concrete and asphalt cover thickness and areas of deterioration. Roads and Airports Inspection: Evaluation of structure, possible voids, slabs, humidity etc
Concrete Evaluation: Assessment of concrete structures and evaluation of structure.
Vibration/Sound Monitoring: Measurement of levels of vibrations and sound associated with blasting, pile driving, traffic and industrial operations. Displacement/Crack Monitoring: Digitally monitoring of building response to blasting and construction. 24/7 real-time monitoring. Pre-Blast and Pre-Construction Surveys: Building inspections are conducted prior to blasting, pile driving or construction activity. Dam Safety

    Foundations and Construction
  • Engineering Geophysics
  • Identify and delineate voids under the surface
  • locate cavities and sink-holes
  • check out the subsoil because of project cost evaluation thickness of overburden/ rippability
  • Perform pre-construction surveys
  • Detecting old foundations within derelict sites
  • Evaluation of Subsurface Faulting Beneath Structures
  • for detecting old foundations and concealed cellars
  • Geotechnical Investigations and Engineering Analysis for Foundation Design Recommendations
  • Monitor noise and vibration
  • unknown depth to bedrock (to avoid damage to yours machines)
  • Pile Installation Evaluations Using Wave Equation Analysis
  • pillars
  • void detection
  • Noninvasively survey
  • obtain reliable thickness measurements in minutes and eliminate the need to core.
  • Sinkhole and Subsidence Investigations
  • site preparation for construction, location of underground utilities, pipes, power lines
  • structural investigation
  • Subsurface Explorations for Geotechnical Site Evaluations
  • identify areas in which the cover is non-compliant.
  • Investigation of Soil Strength for Subsurface Grouting
  • Non-destructive Concrete Testing
  • concrete cover information to determine if reinforcement bars are protected from environmental effects
  • concrete drilling, coring, cutting
  • Concrete Inspection
  • rebar control
  • rebar locating
  • concrete weakness
  • Construction and Civil Engineering
  • detecting the presence of voids that can impact the structural stability of a concrete slab
  • determine the thickness of suspended or on-grade concrete slabs
  • determine if reinforcement bars are protected from environmental effects
  • find the location and depth of post-tension cables.
  • field-proven durability, and accuracy for locating rebar, post-tension cables and conduits.
  • safely identify conduit locations, detect what lies beneath the surface before cutting or coring concrete.
  • locate targets within concrete structures prior to drilling, cutting or coring
  • safely locate structures within poured concrete


  • bridge condition assessment
  • Bridge deck assessment Pavement structure evaluation
  • Bridge Deck Inspection
  • buried drums
  • determining the condition of aging bridge decks, parking structures, balconies and other reinforced concrete structures
  • Identify bridge deck deterioration
  • Aviation facility inspection Structural inspection
  • Airports pavements and subgrade construction.
    Pavement and Highways
  • Road Analysis
  • data collection at highway speeds and eliminating the need for lane closures
  • determine pavement layer thickness
  • Measure new pavement uniformity
  • on road: asphalt thickness and delamination
  • pavement preservation, planning and rehabilitation
  • locate embedded structures and services for drilling clearance.
  • locate embedment within concrete structures prior to cutting or coring
  • Locate rebar/conduits
  • inspection of roads and roadbeds for thickness and integrity
  • Subsurface Profiling and Pavement Evaluation
  • tunnel
    Explosive and military
  • detection and identification of UXO and mines
  • detection of improvised explosive devices (IED)
  • locate cavities and sink-holes
  • Military
  • location of burial sites, weapons, bullets, disturbed soil
  • metal locating and metal detection
  • Magnetic and Electromagnetic Multi-Sensor Surveys Location of USTs Pipes and tanks
  • Locate and map underground utilities
  • to accurately pinpoint underground storage tanks and associated piping
  • pipeline locating
  • pipes and cables location
  • Utility Locating
  • utility locator and utility detection
  • Utility locators prior to digging trenching conducting site assessments, mapping
  • Locate the depth and position of metallic and non-metallic pipes in real time
  • locate the position and depth of utility duct banks
  • location of access tunnels and underground facilities
  • Location of Subsurface Pipelines Location of Near-Surface Cavities and Voids
  • service locations (pipeline nets)
  • quickly identify tanks, pipes, and leech fields in septic areas Other: Golf Course Management Determination of water and fertilizer demand, analysis of soil properties, location of irrigation pipes Locate structural reinforcement/voids